Tuesday, August 7

Our Work: Sizzle Reel 2014

Proud to be working as a stylist for this talented crew.

Funnelbox, Inc. 2014

Thursday, May 10

Make your resume move... Use color!

"But what is of great importance to me is observation of the movement of colors."
-Robert Delaunay

Using color in your resume is not only visually appealing to the recipient, it conveys a sense of motion that static, black and white words parked on a page just cannot achieve. After all, the goal is to move a hiring manager to pick up the phone and offer you a job!

The best custom resume designs feature an appropriate splash of color that reflects individual personality and style. Colorful resumes and cover letters from Vermillion Design are sure to put your job hunt in motion. Visit the FAQs page to get started.

Thursday, March 15

No experience? No problem!

Many job seekers with years of work experience have a problem editing down their resume to a single page.

But what do you do if you're a recent grad with a short work history?

Answer: Utilize white space and add creative elements. A unique, eye-grabbing graphic on your resume tells a hiring manager that you are creative and will go above-and-beyond your competition to stand out.

Don't be afraid to go bold with your design! You will get noticed, and when you score that in-person interview you can elaborate on the wonderful qualifications and experience you do bring to the table.

Visit Vermillion Design for more information on custom resume design services.

Copyright 2012: Julie Flesner

Sunday, June 26

Smile! You have a fabulous new resume

This dental hygienest came to Vermillion Design for a unique new resume. Incorporating a tooth brush into her name design, this resume is sure to make any hiring manager smile!
[click to enlarge]

Thursday, May 26

Resume revamp

Starting with a (dare we say, uninspired!) two-page Microsoft Word template résumé, this job-seeker wanted a fresh and modern new design. A new "B" initial signature mark was created and was also used on her matching cover letter. 

Happy job hunting from Vermillion Design!

Wednesday, November 17

Executive decision: Get a better resume

With a blah resume packed with ten grammar errors and eighteen formatting typos [YES, that's 28 errors total- Yowza!]....

Who would have ever guessed this environmental technology industry veteran was actually a super FABULOUS job candidate armed with impressive work experience?

Good thing this top-notch executive came to Vermillion Design for a resume/cover letter makeover!

Monday, July 28

Bringing sexy back

I love that wallpaper is "back".

I love it even more inside of a bookshelf, so in a few years when wallpaper isn't cool anymore, you aren't inhaling an entire room full of wallpaper stripping fumes....

You just update your bookshelf!

Julie Flesner is a Portland, Oregon-based film set stylist and also designs custom resumes and cover letters for clients in a wide range of industries. For information, visit Vermillion Design.